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Đỗ Nhật Nam

Đỗ Nhật Nam is a 12 years old kid who actively takes part in TV shows, English competitions, and acts as a translator and autobiography writer. He has been awarded with two Vietnamese national Guiness:“The youngest translator in Vietnam” and “The youngest bilingual writer". Awarded with many English international awards and actively engages as an MC in a large deal of TV programs. He was also featured on the radio section of BBC news.

He is a 7th grader in normal Vietnamese education system, but is  simultaneously taking 9th grade in the GWIS program (international program).

D.O.B: 01/05/2001

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

Books translated: How successful people think (John C.Maxwell), Sun up, sun down, Charging up, Next level living (Linda McLean)

Books: Tớ đã học Tiếng Anh như thế nào (How I learned English)

             Những con chữ biết hát (The singing letters)

TV Programs: Chúc bé ngủ ngon (Good night baby), Bạn trẻ bốn phương (Teens everywhere), Ước mơ của bé (Kid’s dreams), Quả chuông nhỏ (The little bell)…

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Đỗ Nhật Nam – Rating

One word only: superb…

Đỗ Nhật Nam – English Awards

Even though Nam has learned English all by himself, he has earned a number of awards:

  • Toefl iBT: 107/120 (June 2013)
  • IELTS: 8.0/9.0 (December 2012)
  • Toeic: 940/990 (September 2012)
  • 1st prize Wordstorm Speaking Contest (2009)
  • 1st prize Lena English Debate Contest for University Student 2013 
  • Toefl ITP: 617/677 (October 2012)
  • Second Prize Front The Most MC Contest 2014
  • Third Prize English Eloquence contest DuoTwists 2014

Đỗ Nhật Nam – hobbies

  • Reading, travelling, learning about the world outside, researching
  • Favorite subject: neurology
  • Favorite food: food cooked by my grandmother! 
  • Favorite sport: swimming
  • Favorite activity: devotions to charity
  • Hates: lying, inhumane activities, animals with lots of legs and hair, harms to the environment, and MOST OF ALL: MAKING MY MUM SAD.

Đỗ Nhật Nam – slogan

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”― Mahatma Gandhi

Đỗ Nhật Nam – social activities

     - Actively involved in many different donation and charity events, including the act of hosting personal book sales (books stated in first part) at schools to raise fund to help cancer diagnosed children and sufferers of the Can Tho bridge collision from grade 1.

     - Play the role of MC (host) in a lot of widely – known children and teenager’s television shows such as “Good night baby” (Chúc bé ngủ ngon), Quả Chuông nhỏ (“The little bell”), Bạn trẻ bốn phương (Teens everywhere)…

     - Take part as main actors in various movies both in Vietnam and abroad: “Tìm lại chính mình” (Finding your own self), “13 nữ tù” (13 female prisoners), “Lý Công Uẩn – Đường tới thành Thăng Long” (Ly Cong Uan – Road to Thang Long)

     - Take part as guest in many talk shows and interviews on TV such as “Ai là ai” (Who is who) on VTC Click here, and here, and here for more references.

     - Translate for different workshops, conferences, and non – profit organizations such as Glocal Venture Inc. Texas.

     - Deliver speeches at many different environmental conferences and environmental parades.

     - Raise funds to create a library and a classroom for cancer diagnosed children at “Vietnamese National Hospital of Pediatrics”

     - Teach English for poor children at home.

Đỗ Nhật Nam – all you need to know    

  • Pros: talk ative, affable, friendly, optimistic, life – lover, nature – lover, humorous (in some extent), intelligent, bookaholic, avid reader, calm, caring, peace advocator, creative, imaginative, open minded, globally integrated, sensitive, language-lover, artistic (I can’t draw though), kind, good social skills and well mannered, confident, independent…
  • Cons: sometimes too talkative, a bit bossy, TOO sentimental, somewhat careless, forgetful, not very brave, physically weak (but mentally strong), not very realistic, cannot draw very well…
  • Stand-out skills: speech, debate, language, negotiation, eloquence, science, literature analyzing and composing, photography, psychological research, translating, adaptation and soft skills...
  • Weak skills: physical education, drawing, painting, crafts, dancing, singing,…


Đỗ Nhật Nam – Self rating





     Adaptation to new environment:

  •  Overall rating:


Review: Nam is a great, talented boy. His knowledge is large and wide in many areas, and moreover, he has a wonderful, strong determination. Though he is not very brave and clumsy in some everyday situations, he can adapt and achieve success on anything thrown at him.